La Maggiore

The finest shells you can buy, La Maggiore shells are the choice of top professionals around the world. From street to stage, you will be astound at how well they perform. Order the shells from and get a free Finale Glass with your order.

$ 69.95

Finale Glass

Miniature bowl fits over La Maggiore shell as if it were made for it!

$ 4.95


The School for Scoundrels Perfect Pea

The School for Scoundrels Perfect Pea is made of an injection-molded polymer and are perfectly smooth and uniform. They are a bright green color (like a fresh pea). This color shows up well against almost any mat or performing surface. They are washable and never lose their grip. They will work fine on any type of surface—even glass or marble. These are regarded by most professionals (including Bob Sheets, Lennart Green, Rich Marotta, and Johnny Thompson) as the best peas ever made available for the shell game. Set includes five Working Peas and two Straight Peas.



The Three Shell Game

Written by Tom Osbourne. Edited by Ralph W. Read. This is one of the best books ever written on the shell game. Tom Osborne had the real inside dope on the moves, psychology and ruses of the street artists who challenged one and all to “follow the little pea.” This is not magician routines and ideas, but the real work of scam artists. To appreciate it, you have to pay close attention and try to understand the goals, strategies and psychology of the con man. This is a must have resource for anyone who wants to master the shells.


Supershells By Gary Oullette

Hailed by some as, “The best kept secret in magic!” Supershells details what is undoubtedly the finest presentation for the three shell game ever published. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the killer challenge ending!

Effect: The magician hides a pea under one of three walnut shells, moves them around, and regardless of which shell the spectator chooses, he cannot find the pea! This is repeated twice under increasingly impossible conditions, and still the spectator is unable to find the pea no matter how certain he is! Finally, the spectator covers the pea himself with a shell, then puts a flower pot saucer over the shell, and finally covers that with an inverted bowl! An empty shell is covered with a clear glass, and even though the spectator holds both the bowl and glass, the pea still jumps from one to the other!


Compositions of Conjuring: A Lecture on Natural Magic by Eric DeCamps

52 pages, black linen cover with gold foil stamp, Wire-O bound, written by David Regal, 8½ x 11, 8 routines: Ends of My Rope, Slip Away Coins (think 3-Fly-esque), Four coins in the Counting, Okito's Box, 3 Shells & a Pea, Two Cup routine, Stogies (think Leipzig Cigars), Cards of A Feather... (Collector's-type plot).

Eric is a magical alchemist, taking in raw materials, adding original ingredients and distilling it all into magical gold. He will often labor for months, years on a single routine. The effects that follow are a sampling of Eric’s brand of magic: Simple, pure, stunning and most importantly entertaining.”—David Regal



2002. Andrew J. Pinard. My second lecture booklet is a reflection of theatrical and stroytelling techniques and how they can be applied to create a sense of immediacy difficult to find in any other performance art. Illustrated with material from my professional repertoire. For more information on the booklet or the lecture, see my Lectures Page.



1996. Andrew J. Pinard. My first lecture booklet is an analysis of the types of comedy and how they can be applied to your performance through visual humor. For more information on the booklet or the lecture, see my Lectures Page.



Absolutely Nuts!

Bob Sheets was begged not to reveal these awesome techniques. The new information on this video has fooled many of the most knowledgeable Three Shell practitioners in Magic. The attainable level of control is guaranteed to drive your audience ... Absolutely Nuts!

I’ve seen many of the best Shell Game workers over the years, including Jack Chanin. Bob’s stuff was all new, and it fooled me--bad.”—Whit Haydn.

You could take these techniques right to the me.”—Phil Cass.

Bob’s acquitment alone is worth the price of the video.”—Bob Kohler


Bob Kohler: The Golden Shells

A Professional Routine for the Shell Game. A professional tips his routine for the legendary Three Shell Game. Bob has honed and performed this routine in every possible professional scenario, from corporate events to private functions and it never fails to amaze. On this video nothing has been left out. You'll learn the sleight-of-hand maneuvers, choreography, strategies, presentational touches and, of course, Bob’s complete patter.


The Phil Cass Video

Australia's Phil Cass has finally released the secrets to two of his pet effects, The Pea and Shell Game and Fisherman’s Wharf Special. For those of you who may not have heard of him, Phil Cass has been awarded “Australia’s #1 Variety Act” numerous times, and is in constant demand for both his close-up and stage work.

The Pea and Shell Game—A classic magical con game—three walnut shells, one small pea and the mark tries to guess which shell the pea is under, and they always lose! Phil has made this the mainstay of his close-up work for many years and those willing to study his presentation, technique and timing will have a complete 20-minute act added to their repertoire! Just wait until you see the killer climax.

Fisherman’s Wharf Special—You pour water into one closed fist, it vanishes and reappears inside the other closed fist! A clever new use and a brand new steal for your thumbtip.

The most commercial and magical Pea & Shell Game I’ve ever seen...and I’ve seen ’em all!”—Roger Klause.


Secret Seminars of Magic With Patrick Page. The Three Shell Game

Patrick Page presents a complete exposé of this famous street scam. This video includes: Opening with Basic Routine; Pat Page’s Basic Routine; Pea Under Glass Ending; Basic Move; Stealing the Pea; Loading the Pea; Explanation of Routine; Recap of Basic Move; Three Shells—Three Peas; The Kick Steal; The Turn-Over Move; Triple Spread; Triple Spread Steal; Between the Hands; Pearl Ending; Words of Wisdom: Tips on Three-Shell Game.


Stars of Magic. Frank Garcia: Magical Classics Volume 2

The only broadcast-quality instructional video available featuring Frank Garcia, this tape features Frank’s version of the Shell Game that he performed on television shows such as The Tonight Show (both Jack Parr & Johnny Carson), Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas and David Frost. The only other source for this material is the long out-of-print (and difficult to obtain) book, All In A Nutshell. The Three Shell Game is the last piece featured on the tape. He explains his routine in its entirety including Moves and Patter, and even how to make up your own walnut shells. Tape also includes: Cups & Balls, Cig-A-Rama, Retention Coin Vanish, Quadruple Coincidence, Signed Card in Mouth, and An Ambitious Card.


Hello Sucker!

Harry Anderson was one of the busiest and highest paid magicians on the comedy circuit before becoming an international TV star. Performing as Harry the Hat he toured the United States developing a fantastic act and a huge following.

This is your only opportunity to see Harry at his magic and comedy best. The show was taped in 1985 at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA and aired on the Showtime cable network.

Watch Harry perform his trademark routines: Buffalo Bill, Cuff Links, Needle Through Arm and Monarch Monte. Watch as Harry The Hat uses popular con games to rip people off. Most importantly be prepared as the self proclaimed, liar, thief, braggart and cheat makes you laugh, smile and be amazed. Contains adult language.

FOR SHELL WORKERS: Harry performs a pantomime version of the shell game from overhead. A very poetic performance!


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