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The three shells are cast from one shell and are therefore identical. This ensures consistency of grip and eliminates any tell-tale anomaly that gives away where the pea is "actually" supposed to be. You get credit for fooling their eye, not for switching the location of the pea.

Dimensions: Each shell measures 2" long by 1-5/8" wide by 7/8" high. The height adds to the maneuverability of the shells.

Weight: Each shell weighs half an ounce. The heavier shell provides more fluid response.

Color: Walnut.

Texture: The natural ridges on the sides of the shell form finger positions, and the deeper grain (compared with smaller conventional walnuts) makes for a sure grip.

Special Work: A gentle “inverted V” sculpted in at the rear of the shell minimizes motion during the steal.

Construction: Cast out of high-impact resin, the final product is virtually indestructible, washable, and, as described next, modifiable.

Additional Features: Because the resin is colored completely through, you can modify the shells to suit your purpose. If you prefer a deeper dip, simply sand the shell to your required depth. If you like Chanin's preparation of the shells in his “You Hold It” move from Hello Sucker!, you can put the work in yourself! Additionally, these shells may be stained to darken, enhance the texture, or create an aged look. This added versatility makes La Maggiore the finest set of shells ever available.

Photographs above show the size comparison between a
Diamond-brand jumbo walnut shell and La Maggiore.

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