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Bill Fischer: “I've been using these shells a lot over the last 6 - 8 months and would never use another set - they are perfect! The Chanin Dip is not necessary with these shells. I don't want to go so far to say they are self-working, but doing the work with these shells make it very easy. It's obvious Andrew Pinard spent a lot of time developing these.”

Charles Neff: “A quick note that I received the shells and other items yesterday. The shells are beautiful and work wonderfully! . . . They're a great size for the average hand and I've found the handling to be very smooth.”

John Karosas: “I sincerely want to express my pleasure with the La Maggiore shells. Excellent craftsmanship and a distinct pleasure to work with. . . . Received solid shell set today. One word--wow! They are a definite quality product. Your workmanship and products are top notch. . . . Thanks again for the quick response and excellent service. Looking forward to the DVD. Keep 'em guessing . . .”

Frank Starsinic: “I just got a set . . . and I must say they are absolutely perfect. I've heard of the other ones via advertising but there is really no comparison. They look absolutely real and the size is great.”

Vic Sussman: “I recently purchased your La Maggiore shells and
they are indeed wonderful. I learned the basic techniques of the shell game decades ago, but am now seriously studying and practicing . . . the three shells offer enormous entertainment value. . . . Your shells are simply the best, very classy and great to handle.”

Bradley Morgan: “The shells are great and very smooth working. . . . all my friends I have shown the shells to just love them. My friend will be getting some really soon and I just ordered more stuff from you. I really like your site and the info you put on it helped me decide what kind of shells to get. I think I went with the right one. LOL. . . . [follow-up email] Just to let you know, I have been doing the shell game for a few weeks now, and I really love your shells. It has been a blast doing the game. Thanks for all your hard work.”

Tom Gilbert, Turner Falls, MA: “. . . Got the shells today and couldn’t be more impressed. My idea of fake shells consisted of the cheap magic set product with the piece of sponge or the lame [------] shells. These are a real work of art. It’s infrequent that I buy much ‘magic stuff’ anymore, but I decided to give the La Maggiore shells a try. I couldn’t have been more impressed. They really do look like real shells and they really are easy to handle. My hands are small and pretty dry this time of year, but I have no issue handling these. . . . This set . . . , well, to quote Frank Garcia ‘it’s the nuts.’ Good job!”

Gary “Animal” Knight, “The best Walnut shells in the world! Most fake shells really do not look the part. The only really good fake shells I've seen are the La Maggiore shells, these are damn near perfect. A work of art in fact. So good, I've given up the idea of making shells as I do not think I can get them any better. These are made from a mould taken from a real big walnut. Simply the best available!”

Steve Brooks, The Magic Cafe: “. . . these are by far the finest shells on the market, bar none! They handle like a dream, and feel just perfect in your hands.” To read the complete review, click here.

R. Shane Causer, Online Visions webzine: “La Maggiore . . . are shells for use in a three-shell-game routine. This is equivalent to calling the Mona Lisa a picture, because these shells truly are masterpieces of work. No hype here; these shells are simply perfect in every way. . . . All of this means one thing: these are shells you'll use for a lifetime. In fact, you’ll feel like you’ve already used them for ages.” To read the complete review, click here.

Matt Herbert, Seattle, WA: “. . . in one word—AWESOME. I used the shells Saturday night at a gig in Seattle and they are a joy to work with. Thanks for putting out such a great product!”

Simon Lovell: “Absolutely wonderful! The best shells I’ve ever seen . . .”

Andy Leviss: “They are absolutely beautiful! They look just like the real thing, and work like butter . . . If the shells are your game, these should be your shells!”

Tim Trono: “. . . actually look BETTER than the real thing which was excellent in itself. These shells are stunning and by far the best shells I've seen. Wow. . . . If you have ever thought of doing the shells, BUY these and if you do the shells, BUY these.”

Gazzo: “I went absolutely nuts playing with them. Crackin’! I can't believe they’re not real! Should be for professional entertainers only . . .”

Richard Kaufman: “. . . truth be told, they are magnificent. I even dropped one down a flight of wooden steps and it arrived at the bottom with a thunk, but with nary a chip nor crack. The damn pea pops out from under these shells with ease. I may be forced to learn a routine!”

Paul Green: “. . . very good. For a worker, these shells have the size to be seen. Most important in the world of performance. . . . Do your homework and check these out. I know that I will be using them.”

Jon Racherbaumer: “. . . state-of-the-art set of shells . . . Over the years, I’ve bought at least ten sets, having been inspired to learn the routine after reading the series Eddie Joseph ran in the old MAGIC WAND. Frank Garcia’s seminal book spurred me to deeply play with the shells. I also bought the set Mel Brown put out. Absolutely Magic’s set is the right color, design, texture, shape, and durability for pro workers. Highly recommended. Even if you don’t do a routine, buy a set. They are nice to feel and look at . . . Onward . . .”

Gregory Wilson: “Wow! . . . these ARE the finest set of shells ever commercially available. I have fairly dry hands and the shells usually slip and slide all over the place. Finally I can do my routine without using lotion or lathering myself in saliva. These replica shells will clearly outlast and outperform the real thing. God should be proud. . . . P. S. Keep your remaining stock away from squirrels.”

Doug Brewer, San Diego, CA: “Love them. . . . They are a much nicer color and shape than [others currently available]. I’m having fun with them. Thanks again for a great product.”

D.H., Boston, MA: “I had to knock them together to see that they were not real. The ‘Chanin’ style dip in the back is much more subtle than in some of the other (very nice) shells that are currently available, this makes examination by the spectator less likely to give an ‘out’ to them. The resin-molded ‘putty’ work is flawless and seamless as it is one piece, and these shells handle like a dream come true. If you do the Bob Sheet’s aquitment it is enhanced tremendously due to the size and shape of these shells. I could sit here and rave about them for the next half hour, they are that dare I say, ‘sexy.’ Just gorgeous.”

S.P., St. Louis, MO: “At this point, all I can say is ‘Wow!’
The pictures on the web site do not show how realistic these shells look and the design makes the handling virtually self-working. Thanks!”

J.C., Santa Barbara, CA: “If you are interested in a three-shell routine, this is the definitive set to buy! It is superb. The weight and size make them very easy to work with. They look and feel real.”

“Everything about this transaction was great: the product couldn't be better, the documentation is clear and ample, and the packaging is classy. Customer service was also top-notch. They shipped immediately and stayed in communication by both e-mail and phone.”

“Usually, I am either neutral, or slightly disappointed, with magic props I
order. Not in this case! It merits a rave review.”

“. . . get this set!”

D.H., Milwaukee, WI: “I am a total fan of the School for Scoundrels’ Street Shells, and when I ordered these I figured they would be excellent to use for yet another hook (okay, let’s use bigger shells so there’s no possible way that I could do anything shady . . .). I’ll tell you, though, that after seeing them, I’m going to need to rethink that—these things are freakin’ beautiful! Thank you very much; this looks like it’s going to be fun. Me go play now.”

D.T., Gansevoort, NY: “The shells are absolutely beautiful and I intend to use them regularly in my work. All the positve reviews I have heard thus far in reference to this product are 100% correct!”

D.H., United Kingdom: “Fantastic product, fantastic service. I will definitely recommend.”

D.J., Columbia Falls, MT: “I have been performing for 20 years and have always wanted to perform the shell game but never felt comfortable with the props I had. That has all changed! The shells look like real walnut shells and because of their larger size are easy to handle. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend anyone thinking about working on a shell routine to consider the LA MAGGIORE shells. The shells are great! . . . Thanks again.”

D.J., Loveland, CO: “I just received the SHELLS! I have never been so happy with a new product!! They are great, super, wonderful, the Best, Outstanding!! I have a dozen different shells in all sizes and styles and have never had any work so well or be so well received by my audience. Great work!”

Michael Close, MAGIC magazine: “. . . a superb set of shells . . . They handle beautifully.”

David Oliver, Genii magazine: “. . . a beautiful set of shells that look and handle like the real thing. . . . If you are already doing a shell routine, you will definitely appreciate this set of shells. They are some of the best I have ever seen.”

David Roth, New York, NY: “Absolutely Gorgeous! Your shells handle well and look totally realistic. Not only are they virtually indestructible, but beautiful as well!”

John Young, United Kingdom: “The book, bowl and shells arrived safely and are wonderful. The finish is superb and somehow (presumably effort on your part!) the size, shape and smooth interior all combine to make the work easier. Even after only a little experimenting I know that with practice I will be able to work up a good routine. I have never regretted buying anything that is good for me!”

David Ben: “. . . superb quality and wonderful value. . . . the finest example of this . . . prop that I have come across in my travels.”

Dave Vegas, United Kingdom: “Superb.”

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