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As if we haven't given you enough choices in our Shell Game Store, here are a list of other sources of information (compiled from various sources including Doug Atkinson's wonderful Magic Reference pages:

Anderson, Harry: Hello Sucker! Harry at his magic and comedy best. The show was taped in 1985 at the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA and aired on the Showtime cable network. Watch Harry perform his trademark routines: Buffalo Bill, Cuff Links, Needle Through Arm and Monarch Monte. Watch as Harry The Hat uses popular con games to rip people off. Most importantly be prepared as the self proclaimed, liar, thief, braggart and cheat makes you laugh, smile and be amazed. Contains adult language. FOR SHELL WORKERS: Harry performs a pantomime version of the shell game from overhead. A very poetic performance!

Avis, Jack: Vis A Vis (Kaufman): Cards, coins, mentalism, ring and rope. Christmas Coin Vanish, Movie Coin Vanish, Salute to Ramsay, Alaskan Poker, Autodeck, Mystery of Dr. Elliott's Legacy, Variations on Scarne Run Up Systems, Nu Way Shell Game, Pinochle Caper, Hofzinser Ace Trick, Siva Ace Cutting, Houdini Ring, Escape from Ellis Island, Cuball, Loops Entwined, Magical Sucuba, Poker Chip Chicanery, Spirit Detection, Spooky, Rara Avis Card Stab, Hole in the table, and more. $40

Brahams, Anthony: Karl Norman: Forty Years at the Forks (see also Karl Norman's Here's How, below). Think Of A Card Part One and Part Two, Pass Finesse, Spring Fever, Photo Parade, Card on Ceiling, Key Card Routines, Follow-Up Routine, The Coin Collection, Follow Up to Coin Collection, Coin in Bottle, Coins and Silk and Ring and Wand, Bill in Cigarette, Impromptu Torn & Restored Cigarette, Color Changing Knives, Linking Pins, Matchboxes Routine, Multiplying Rabbits, Ring Flight, Ring & Rope Routine, Sucker Egg, Polish Rocket, Carnival Loop, and the Three Shell Game. 82pg Hardbound. $30

Carroll, Harrison: The Shell Game. Routine is presented in three columns. First column lists the method, the second column provides the patter, and the third column presents any line drawings as needed. This routine is based on the Karl Nelson routine found in the Nick Trost "Expert Gambling Tricks" book. While this presentation is a little more clear, you certainly don't need both references. 25pg comb bound 8.5x11" (c) 1994 Harrison Productions.

Cass, Phil: The Phil Cass Video.

Chanin, Jack: Encyclopedia of the Three Shell Game (1948), 80pg.

DeCamps, Eric: Compositions of Conjuring. 52 pages, black linen cover with gold foil stamp, Wire-O bound, written by David Regal, 81/2 x 11, 8 routines: Ends of My Rope, Slip Away Coins (think 3-Fly-esque), Four coins in the Counting, Okito's Box, 3 Shells & a Pea, Two Cup routine, Stogies (think Leipzig Cigars), Cards of A Feather... (Collector's-type plot).

Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Secrets of Magic. Includes 3 shell game, 3 card monte, and more.

Garcia, Frank: Stars of Magic. Frank Garcia: Magical Classics Volume 2. Video.

Gibson, Walter: The Bunko Book. Con games & bunko schemes. Shell game, dice, cards, street swindles. 64pg.

Johnson, Dusty: Diversions for the Shell & Pea Game. Two entertaining and fully illustrated routines for the classic Shell & Pea Game. Features triple surprise finish.

King, Bob: Bob King's Close Up Tutorial 5 The Shell Game. Entertaining and baffling routine using tongue-in-cheek patter. Includes Vernet shells and four green rubber peas.

Kohler, Bob: Bob Kohler: The Golden Shells. A Professional Routine for the Shell Game. A professional tips his routine for the legendary Three Shell Game. Bob has honed and performed this routine in every possible professional scenario, from corporate events to private functions and it never fails to amaze. On this video nothing has been left out. You'll learn the sleight-of-hand maneuvers, choreography, strategies, presentational touches and, of course, Bob’s complete patter. Video.

Mentzer, Jerry: Close Up File: Table Hopping, Money Magic, Cups & Balls, Coins, 3 Shell game, more 195pg, HB.

Miller, Hugh: The Secrets of Gambling published by Harry Stanley. Includes cheating at cards, strippers, holdouts, shiners and more. Crooked dice, Find the Lady (three card monte), three shell game, endless belt, and more.

Norman, Karl: Here's How. 51pg. 1985 Collector's Workshop. Card on the Ceiling, Change for A Quarter (torn & restored card transposition), Coin in the Bottle, My Coin Collection (CSB & Okito box), Symphathetic Matchboxes (commercial props), Multiplying Rabbits (using 3 adults & 6 babies), Polish Rocket gag, Impromptu torn/restored Cigarette, Bill in Cigarette, Color Changing Knives (uses 4 knives, adapted from Schulien's routine), Ring Flight (commercial prop), Linking Pins with handkerchief, Karl Norman's Three Shell Game Routine (uses brass cups, can use regular shells as well), Carnival Loop Routine (Chain of Chance; with comedy, fake knot, etc.).

Osborne, Tom: The Three Shell Game. Detailed booklet on 3 shell game. 60pg.

Ouelett, Gary: Super Shells. The familiar shells and pea game. After the spectator cannot find the pea, the spectator covers the pea with a shell, then puts a saucer over the shell, and covers that with a bowl. An empty shell is then covered with a clear glass, and still the pea jumps from one shell to the other. Includes the Pinky Pinch steal, the Sidesteal sequence, and the Pinky Acquitment. 44pages, 77 photos.

Page, Patrick: Secret Seminars of Magic With Patrick Page. The Three Shell Game. Video.

Piacente, Sal: Street Monte. Comprehensive 3 Card Monte and 3 Shell Game, highly rated.

Read, Ralph: Three Shell Game. Good coverage.

Sheets, Bob: Absolutely Nuts. Bob Sheets was begged not to reveal these awesome techniques. The new information on this video has fooled many of the most knowledgeable Three Shell practitioners in Magic.

Shute, Merlyn T: Cups Cups Cups. Mostly on cups and balls, but contains some info on 3 shell game. 45pg.

Tarbell, Harlan: Complete Course in Magic Vol 7. Card in Wallet, Walsh's 3 card monte, Thimbles and pea, and more.

Tarr, Bill: Now You See It Now You Don't (Lessons in Sleight of Hand). Lots of line drawings. Cups & Balls, 3 Shell game, 3 card monte, cards, ropes, coins, balls, and more!

Thompson, J.G. Jr.: Top Secrets of Magic. Sponges, pins, shell game, paddles, cups & balls, and more.

Trost, Nick: Expert Gambling Tricks. The first part deals extensively with variations on the game of Nim. Includes a section on the Endless Chain (or Loopy Loop or Chain of Chance), and the Three Shell Game as presented by Karl Norman. 26pg stapled manuscript.

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