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Absolutely Magic & Andrew J. Pinard

The Ultimate in Three Shell Game Equipment

sculpted by Mother Nature . . . made practical by man . . .

After twelve years of research and testing and two years of active development, Absolutely Magic has finally released La Maggiore, a jumbo set of resin walnut shells for shell workers.

These shells, unavailable for many years, were favored by such pros as Mike Rogers, Frank Garcia and others. Often referred to as “Italian walnuts,” very few people had access to them and they were available only in very limited quantities.

The originals had one major drawback, their notable brittle nature, which rendered them dry and fragile over time. With La Maggiore, you get a set of almost indestructible shells that, with appropriate care, will last a lifetime. La Maggiore shells are manufactured in high-impact resin, and are the largest commercially available. Molded from an actual walnut similar to those used by the greats, La Maggiore was lovingly sculpted and refined by Andrew J. Pinard for perfect sensitivity.

A good tool does the job adequately, a great tool enhances the abilities of the worker, enabling him to soar to heights previously thought unattainable. La Maggiore is that tool. Comes with three shells and two School For Scoundrels peas.


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