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Side-by-side comparison of
School for Scoundrels (SfS) Street Shell
and La Maggiore shell

La Maggiore is larger and darker in tone than SfS shell. La Maggiore has deeper textured grain for a sure grip, and its larger size means increased visibility when working for larger crowds.

La Maggiore is taller with high sides for more reliability
and with a half-round shape that can "read" more like a genuine walnut, whether up close or from a distance. Additionally, La Maggiore shells weigh substantially more than the SfS Street Shells which make some moves (such as the Kick Steal) easier to do.

La Maggiore has a slightly more subtle tapering in the back. Note the differences in texture when seen from this angle.

Interior of La Maggiore is smooth with gentle curves rising up to all edges, allow a smooth exit and entrance from front, sides or back (particularly useful for the Garcia-dubbed "Escobar" move). SfS shell has rougher interior and steep sides which can certain moves more difficult (like the afore-mentioned "Escobar" move).

When it comes down to choosing a set of quality shells (either La Maggiore of a School for Scoundrels set), you need to weigh all the factors and spend some time actually handling the shells to see where your preferences lie. Both sets offer a high-quality set of shells, but both offer different features that may of be interest to the worker. We live in a great time to have so many choices!

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